Jiangmen distribution box: aging of the box? Do you know?

2022-04-28 1158

Every item has a lifespan, and the material of the meter box is no exception. Whether it is a residential meter box, a public meter box, or a corporate meter box, it is necessary to regularly inspect and see if the fuse, gate, and other components of the meter box have corroded. If there is any rusting, please promptly ask an electrician to handle it and do not handle it on your own to prevent accidents.


Due to various external factors, the environment of the meter box will not remain unchanged, and measures need to be taken to control it, such as placing desiccants. Otherwise, various iron instruments on the meter box will be corroded, easily leading to power outages and easily causing fires.

Whether the meter box is aging or not is a top priority for everyone's life and property. Everyone should always pay attention to the condition of the distribution cabinet meter box, learn to be proactive, and eliminate future hazards.

Article source: Jiangmen distribution box http://www.gdsandingdianqi.com/