Characteristics of Jiangmen distribution box protective shed

2022-06-01 1228

Nowadays, in order to ensure safe construction, construction sites often install protective sheds for distribution boxes. Next, we, as distribution box manufacturers, will introduce the characteristics of distribution box protective sheds.

The protective shed of the distribution box is a massive set of parameters on data, usually forming a low-voltage forest according to electrical wiring. It requires the assembly of switchgear, measuring surfaces, maintenance appliances, and auxiliary equipment in closed or semi closed metal cabinets or screens to form a low-voltage distribution box. During normal operation, the circuit can be connected or disconnected by manual or active switches.

Features of distribution box protective shed:

1. Made of national standard steel, sturdy, stable, and practical.

2. Welding is sturdy, tough and stable; Reasonable planning, fast and efficient installation.

3. Active high-temperature paint baking process, the product has bright colors and does not fade in sunlight or rain.

4. Use spray printing technology to scan lines and warning messages, making them more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, and improving the image of a civilized construction site.

5. Reusable, reducing customer costs.

6. The size, style, and color of the protective shed for the distribution box can be customized according to the customer's needs. The protective shed for the distribution box is welded under high voltage, which is sturdy and practical without opening the weld; Electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion and rust proof, 5 years without fading; Plan according to the construction protection standards.


The installation of distribution box protective sheds by distribution box manufacturers can avoid many hidden dangers, such as:

1. Prevent the distribution box from being exposed to the outside, and prevent electric leakage and shock incidents after being exposed to rain on rainy days;

2. Prevent falling objects from high places from falling onto the distribution box position and avoid damaging the distribution box;

3. Lock and maintain the protective shed to prevent non electrician construction personnel from operating the distribution box without authorization.

Article source: Jiangmen distribution box