How to improve the vibration resistance of Jiangmen distribution box

2021-12-18 1297

How to improve the seismic and dynamic impact performance of distribution boxes has always been one of the research achievements that researchers in the field of work have been focusing on. How to ensure that the casing of the distribution box can function normally and excellently in different mission conditions is extremely necessary for the application of various special fields.


When considering the chassis shell, the materials used must strictly comply with relevant regulatory requirements. Normally, when considering the selection of sheet metal shell materials, it is necessary to ensure that the materials are soft and not easily deformed due to kneading. Therefore, excellent stainless steel rolling plates are often chosen. During the welding process inside the box, seamless welding should be achieved, and any abnormalities in the corners should have no welds, ensuring the sealing and firmness of the chassis are firmly guaranteed.

Article source: Jiangmen distribution box